Engine Oil Sludge Removal


Engine oil sludge occurs when the oil in your engine breaks down and sticks to the engine parts, causing serious damage over time. It is particularly problematic for cars manufactured between 1997 and 2003.

Bring your car into our workshop in Slacks Creek and we will take care of all your servicing and repairs including engine oil sludge removal if it is required. We have a great reputation, many returning customers and are backed by the Repco Nationwide Warranty for your peace of mind.

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Why Are Cars from 97-03 More Affected?

Government pressure to make cars more efficient lead to manufacturers increasing the combustion temperature in engines. This did lead to greater efficiency but also resulted in oil breaking down more quickly and turning into nasty sludge more readily.

How Can I Prevent Oil Sludge in My Car?

To prevent oil sludge build up you should make sure you get regular oil changes in line with the recommendations in your vehicle's log book. Your oil lubricates the engine and carries away contaminants so it's important that it is kept fresh.


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