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A radiator cap may seem like a small part. However, this little part is in charge of controlling the pressure which comes from the liquids which work to cool the engine. If the cap is broken or dirty the pressure will not be properly controlled and your engine can overheat. This little part can cause major problems for your car. Protect your vehicle with a service inspection and proper repairs from Kiwi French Automotive.

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Why Work With Kiwi French Automotive

  • Peace of Mind: All of the work performed at Kiwi French Automotive comes with the Repco Nationwide Guarantee, letting us give you the peace of mind which you deserve.
  • Great Mechanics: As Repco certified mechanics our team is kept up to date on all of the latest services and parts thanks to ongoing trainings and service bulletins.
  • Great Value: As part of the Repco network we have access to great vendors across Brisbane, as well as the spare parts network, allowing us to get the work done while staying in your budget.

Cooling Systems Services From Kiwi French Automotive include:

  • Radiator Repair
  • Radiator Cap Repair
  • Radiator Cap Replacement
  • Cooling Fan Repair
  • Upper Hose Replacement
  • Lower Hose Replacement
  • Replacement of the Electronic Sensors
  • Water Pump Replacement
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Flushing of Fluids
  • Filling of Fluids
  • Turbulator Replacement

Cooling System Glossary

Understanding the main parts of the cooling system makes it simpler to understand what makes the car function. There are many moving parts which work together to make sure that the high temperatures from the engine and transmission are properly filtered through the vehicle. Here is a quick guide to help you understand what each of these parts do.

  • Radiator: Conducts the heat out of the coolant liquid and blows it away from the engine.
  • Thermostat: Monitors the temperature of the liquids in the engine and works with the electronic sensors to determine when the liquids need to be filtered through the radiator.
  • Turbulator: Fan in the radiator tubes which works to efficiently cool the liquid.
  • Radiator Cap: Pressurised cap which increases the boiling point of the coolant.

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