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Cv shafts, joints & boots

Bring your car into our mechanic workshop in Slacks Creek for your CV Shaft, Boot and Joint repairs and replacements as well as other servicing. We have a great reputation, lots of experience and the relevant expertise to deliver a high quality service to you every time. We are also backed by the Repco Nationwide Warranty for your peace of mind.

You should have your CV boots inspected and replaced regularly to avoid breakages which will often result in damage to the CV joints which will lead to costly repairs.

What are cv joints & boots?

'CV' stand for 'constant velocity' and CV joints are those that allow a constant velocity to be maintained from shaft to shaft when those shafts are not in line with each other ie. the CV joint will transfer the force around corners. CV boots are flexible rubber socks or covers that protect the joints from the weather, water and dirt under the car as well as hold in the grease that keeps the joints lubricated.

How do you know they need to be replaced?

A typical sign that your CV Boots need replacing is dark grease splattered on the inner side of your wheels. If your CV joints are affected you will often hear a clicking or popping sound as you turn corners whilst driving. However, you should get your CV boots inspected and replaced regularly to prevent them from breaking and potentially causing damage to the joints which is costly to fix.

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