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Engine services in Slacks Creek

Kiwi French Automotive are the "Go To" engine maintenance and Repair specialists in Slacks Creek

Regular servicing helps reduce the need for major engine work. Following the correct service schedule for your car will go a long way towards protecting your engine and preventing costly repairs in the long run and we are always happy to assist in that regard

Should the need arise for engine repairs or services such as tune-ups, Carbon Cleaning or sludge removal, you can rely on Kiwi French Automotive to do the job right.

Whether it is a check engine light on your dash board or a less obvious problem such as a loss of power, odd smells or sounds coming from the engine or even smoke which leads you to suspect an issue with your engine, the expert mechanics at Kiwi French Automotive will be able to help you diagnose and fix it.

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Specialist services.

We offer and excel at many servicing types. As a member of the Repco Auto Tech training program we ensure our technicians are kept up to date with all modern vehicle repair methods.

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