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Need vehicle inspections in Slacks Creek?

We've definitely got you covered for vehicle inspections...

All of our services come with a free 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report but if you want something more comprehensive, consider one of our specialised vehicle inspections. These include:

  • Safety Certificates
  • Comprehensive 150 point check
  • End of Warranty Inspections

Safety certificates

In the past you might have got a vehicle inspection when buying a new car but Queensland law now requires that the seller must get a safety inspection done prior to selling the car. The certificate lasts for two months and should be displayed in the vehicle. This is a good initiative to make our roads safer. If you are in the market for a car and you look at one that doesn't have a safety certificate displayed you should be very wary.

Comprehensive 150 point check

This is the most comprehensive vehicle inspection that we offer and it's pretty thorough. If you are planning a long holiday, perhaps a trip around Australia, or an interstate trip to visit family then you might want to have your vehicle fully inspected to identify any concerns that might need to be repaired or replaced soon, something you want to minimise doing while on holiday.

End of warranty inspection

The end of your new car warranty is a good time to get a full inspection of your car to identify anything that needs to be replaced or fixed in the near future. You don't want to be slogged with expensive repairs just after your warranty expires so it just makes sense to get a full check now and be on the safe side.

Expert car service

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Specialist services.

We offer and excel at many servicing types. As a member of the Repco Auto Tech training program we ensure our technicians are kept up to date with all modern vehicle repair methods.

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