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Pre-holiday service & check up

For most of us the summer break provides a time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

In a lot of cases this requires some traveling and statistics show this is often by car. So the greatest gift you can give your loved ones and friends is the gift of life, and by that I mean traveling safely. Who will be traveling in your car?

It is important that you make sure your car is working efficiently and safely, especially if you're planning to go away on holiday, for a long drive or have family visiting over the Xmas/New Years break, school holidays and at other times.

Kiwi French Automotive is a family business with 30 years experience in the Slacks Creek area (20 mins south of Brisbane). We can give you peace of mind or help with any problems you may have with your car. So if you are due for service, log book service, have strange noises or just want a check over, we will take care of it for you. Let's keep our roads safe and fatality free for everyone - road safety begins with your vehicle.

Stay safe, save money, here are some of the services we can offer you:-

  • Overall Safety Inspection - wipers, lights, seat belts
  • Brake Inspection & Service
  • Wheel Alignment/Tyres
  • Log Book/General Service
  • Cooling system - radiators, hoses, coolant

What's involved in a brake service?

Your car's braking system has several different components including disk brakes on the front wheels, drum brakes on the back wheels and a handbrake that allows for a direct mechanical link to your brakes (instead of using the hydraulic system that your other brakes utilise). The hydraulic system is important for magnifying and transporting the force you put on the brake pedal to where its need in the car - the wheels. Your brake pads (the bit that creates friction with the wheels to stop the car) will wear out over time and then need to be replaced. Click here for more information about our

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