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It's essential to keep your car's transmission in good working order whether it's a manual or an automatic.

Without a properly functioning transmission you would not be able to change gears. The vehicle would run in first or second and go no faster. In this case the engine would burn out very quickly. If you are having any issues with your transmission such as grinding of the gears or overheating of the engine, turn to your local Slacks Creek mechanics.

A manual transmission achieves the various gear ratios needed by locking and unlocking various sets of gears to the output shaft , while an automatic transmission uses the same set of gears to produce the different gear ratios.

Manual transmissions need servicing but it is a less complicated task which involves replacing the fluids and/or making minor adjustments.

Automatic transmissions involve a an intricate network of parts such as a planetary gear set, a set of locking bands, a hydraulic system, clutches, and a large pump to move transmission fluid around and so regular servicing of Automatic transmissions is more important to ensure maximum performance, economy and service life. Indications that there are problems with your automatic transmission include:

Why work with Kiwi French Automotive

  • Peace of Mind: We are your local team with the big guarantee. As a part of the Repco Authorised Service Centre family we back up all of our work with the Repco Authorised Service Nationwide Warranty.
  • Great Mechanics: Our mechanics have a passion for what they do. Additionally they are always being kept up to date through training seminars and service bulletins on the latest tools and equipment for transmission system work.
  • Dedicated to Business: As winners in the 2011 Quest Business Awards, we know what it takes to create a great company and a beneficial community partner.

The mechanics of the transmission system

There are many components to the transmission system. These synchronize in such a way that changing gears should be flawless. For an overview of some of the major parts of a transmission, check out our brief glossary:

  • Automatic Transmission: System of shifting gears controlled by the car.
  • Manual Transmission: System of shifting gears controlled by the driver.
  • Planetary Gear Set: Set of gears which come together in an automatic transmission to control the gear selection.
  • Throttle Valve: Tells the transmission how fast the car is traveling.
  • Synchroniser: Assists of the smooth transition between gears in a manual transmission.

For manual or automatic transmission services and repair in Slacks Creek contact the expert technicians at Kiwi French Automotive today!

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